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If the answer to our parenting problems was all about slowing down and making our lives easier



"The Simplicity Parenting course has been a transformational journey into a more easeful family life. I have learned to bring moments of “being’” into all the “doing”. Each week I felt more connected with my children after applying the new tools I’d learned. Mary created a safe space to share our stories, look at ourselves, our families and the changes we wanted to make. Mary was an exceptional and supportive guide and companion on this learning and discovery journey. Thank you for all your hard work. You can tell a lot goes into your preparation and delivery. It’s hands down the best course I’ve done. Thank you for making it so practical and memorable.”

Ann, Mother of 2, Willoughby

“I so enjoyed the meetings Mary hosted for the simplicity parenting course I recently completed. She held the space for us very respectfully and with incredible efficiency. The course content was extremely interesting and  informative and served as a fantastic reminder to keep life slow sweet and calm for our precious children. The strategies shared were priceless and so easy to bring home to family life.

Every parent should do this course!”
Tina, Mother of 3

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